Online Counselling

The Benefits Of Counselling - Online

An opinion shared by many counselling professionals, it is always best to see a counsellor in person, but for some clients this can be almost impossible. Having online counselling via video call best suits those with physical mobility problems, debilitating psychological difficulties which keep them housebound, as well as those living in remote areas where it is difficult to access a counselling service.  For business people who often travel abroad, video therapy is a mobile solution to receiving help no matter where you are in the world.

What is video call?

This allows you to make free calls to anyone across the globe. This works a bit like face-to-face video conferencing. Software program that you can easily and safely download from the internet for free. You can use video Skype, Zoom, Teams on your PC and laptop, as well as WhatsApp on your mobile phone.

You will need the downloaded free software, a high-speed broadband connection, a webcam and a microphone (or a headset). Most new laptops and tablets will have inbuilt webcams and microphones. The speakers on your PC or laptop would also need to be in working order.

How to remain safe online:

As with anything online, you need to protect yourself and your computer. Viruses, for example, can cause havoc with your computer whether or not you are a video call user. You need to be sure you have all the usual precautions in place such as an antivirus program, using a personal firewall (there are many excellent free programs available) and updating security programs regularly. 


Once your computer and internet settings are secure, you will also need to consider how private you will be when you have your video counselling session. To help you speak more freely, you will need to be confident that nobody can overhear you or interrupt the session. You need to consider when you can be alone in front of your computer for 60 minutes. Perhaps there is a time when family commitments are not so demanding or perhaps you can book an office at work regularly and access the internet from a laptop.

How much will it cost?

I charge the same prices as In Person Counselling.  Payments can made by BACS (bank details are provided once a session has been booked), Cash, and Credit/Debit Card.  All payments must be received within a few days of your session.